January 2017-

Evon just returned from the SICB 2017 Conference in New Orleans ( which by chance coincided with the WizardCon at the New Orleans Convention Center). She presented preliminary work (in collaboration with AMNH) using sequence capture to test phylogenetic hypotheses for the placement of Crocodylus (Voay) robustus within the extant crocodiles.cfios71wqaarqh1


October 2016-

Evon spoke at SciCafe at the American Museum of Natural History about her work on crocodile mummies and how she came to be involved in scientific research


September 2016-

We welcomed two new graduate students, Mai Fahmy and Danielle Lema, to the lab!

June 2016-

Opening the new “Crocs! Ancient Predators in a Modern World” exhibit at AMNH

May 2016-

In thirty intense days we successfully funded our Crowdfunding project “Testing the Crocodylus Apothecary Hypothesis” via

What a great experience.

March 2016-

Ed Yong published a great article in “The Atlantic” on museum collections and the treasures they hold! One of our favorite topics!facebook

December 2015-

Taylor received a Smithsonian Summer Research Fellowship for 2016 and a Theodore Roosevelt Grant to work on historical crocodile specimens. Congratulations!

September 2015-

We welcomed Taylor Hains to join the lab to study Caribbean crocodile genomics.

July 2015-

Congratulations to Drs. Christina Frare ( soon to be a new Faculty member at Ithaca College) and Stephanie Dowell ( Currently working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) on successful defenses.

Spring 2015-

Evon had a fantastic experience at the EG conference in Monterey, CA

Summer 2014-

Lab members presented a combined 13 talks at conferences this summer!

February 2014-

Evon was interviewed by NYU’s student-run online magazine, Scienceline.

January 2014

Evon starts her 8 month sabbatical where she will be working at the American Museum of Natural History.

Spring 2014

Amanda was selected to serve in a scientific advisory capacity for The HIVE program hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society.  This outreach and scientific education program focuses on creative activism in climate change and urban ecology, educating teens across all boroughs.

May 2013

Congratulations to Andrea (MS) and Kaitlin (BS) on graduation!

Amanda and Seth head to South Africa for the summer to attend the Recent Advances in Conservation Genetics workshop and work in Dr. Paulette Bloomer’s lab  on the conservation genetics of Nesotragus moschatus at the University of Pretoria.