Fordham University Courses Taught


BISC 4642- Animal Behavior (Lecture/Lab) (4 credits) Introduction to animal behavior including the history or the field and controversies; evolution, genetics, physiology and ecology of behavior; sexual/mating/reproductive behavior; habitat selection, feeding behavior, anti-predator defenses, social behavior, human behavior. Prerequisites: BISC 1404, CHEM 1322.

BISC 2561- Ecology (lecture) (3 credits) An introduction to the theories and applications of ecology including the history or the field and controversies. An integrative approach including evolution, resources, population dynamics, life histories, competition, community structure, ecosystem processes, island biogeography, human impacts on ecosystems, and conservation. Corequisite: BISC 2571

BISC 2571- Ecology Lab (Team projects/field trips) (2 credits) Laboratory and field studies designed to provide hands-on experience with habitats and organisms, ecological experiments, and data analysis.

Graduate/Advanced Undergraduate

BISC 5515- Conservation Biology (Seminar/Lecture) Theory and practice of conservation biology including the history of the field and current controversies. Topics will include maintenance of species diversity, design of reserves, captive management, genetic considerations, and factors affecting extinction rates.

Previous Courses taught

Columbia University

  • Conservation Biology (Seminar/Lecture)

San Francisco State University

  • Natural History for Non-Scientists (Lecture and lab)
  • Introduction to Mammalogy (Lab)