Undergraduate Students

Opportunities are available for Fordham undergraduate students to participate in research activities in the lab. Students who have completed and done well in related classess (Intro Biology, Genetics, and/or Ecology); who are highly motivated to do research; who can dedicate more than one semester of part-time work in the lab; and whose interests align with those of the lab are highly encouraged to reach out.

Graduate Students

Highly motivated and enthusiastic prospective students whose interests align with one of the principal research areas of the lab are encouraged to contact us. Individuals interested in working in the Hekkala lab should email (Ehekkala@Fordham.edu) in advance of applying to graduate school at Fordham University. Please send a description of research interests, past research, and relevant experience. More information on the department and graduate school application process can be found on the Biological Sciences Department website.

Postdoctoral Fellows

No postdoctoral funding is currently available through the lab, however we are open to collaborating on funding opportunities for projects of mutual interest. Please contact me at EHekkala@Fordham.edu if interested.