Principal Investigator

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 1.03.03 PMMy research interests lie at the intersection of behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation policy. These broad themes can be divided into four focal categories as follows; 1) sustainable management of wild popultions; 2) behavioral mechanisms of vulnerability including demographic susceptibility, hybridization and maintenance of species boundaries; 3) taxonomic status and its relationship to protection of biodiversity including areas of endemism; cryptic lineages and phylogeographic patterns; and 4) the identification of genetic change over time in response to anthropogenic factors including the utilization or archival DNA to identify baseline conditions for recovery and to predict genetic outcomes under climate change scenarios.

Much of my current research seeks to link long-term anthropogenic changes with changes in biological attributes of wild populations. I use genomic data from museum specimens combined with historical records and natural history to better understand the species’ specific responses to anthropogenic change and¬†adaptive potential.